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Corporate investigations and litigation support

Aperio Intelligence’s investigations practice is based on two pillars: corporate investigations and litigation support.

Distinct but often complementary, these two activities provide our clients with insight into sensitive matters of personal or corporate malfeasance that are often highly difficult and complex.

Whether seeking to establish the truth about whistle-blower allegations, or assisting clients in arbitration or legal disputes, Aperio Intelligence operates to the highest standards of professional excellence, ethics, and integrity.

For further details on how Aperio can support you, please contact Adrian Ford:

  • Corporate investigations
  • Litigation support & asset tracing
  • Corporate investigations


    Fraud – whether committed by insiders or third-parties – can lead to serious financial losses for a company, not to mention potential regulatory penalties and loss of reputation. Corporate fraud may take many forms: procurement fraud, financial statement fraud, embezzlement and misappropriation of company assets, manipulation of sales data, and increasingly frauds related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Aperio Intelligence’s investigators have extensive experience of working alongside internal counsel, internal audit, and compliance teams to assist our clients in identifying the who, what, when, where and how of fraudulent incidents occurred, and to recommend suitable remedial actions. Aperio’s professional approach is designed to help clients resolve incidents of fraud thoroughly, quickly and with the minimum of disruption to business operations.


    International regulation on preventing bribery and corruption in both the public and commercial spheres is here to stay, even in these times of increased competition and economic nationalism. The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act, Sapin II in France, and a myriad of other international laws and conventions place an obligation on companies to conduct thorough and independent investigations into allegations of such activity, particularly those raised by whistle-blowers. Aperio’s investigative team has deep experience of investigating such cases, particularly in complex and developing jurisdictions. Combining physical document retrieval, e-discovery, forensic analysis, and investigative interviewing techniques, Aperio investigators reconstruct events to determine whether an act of bribery or corruption has or is likely to have taken place. We also work with clients to ensure that relevant internal policies are strengthened, and sufficient staff training is delivered, so that the risk of such events occurring again to be minimized.


    Aperio can also assist on diverse sensitive matters that would require independent investigation. These may include personal misconduct by senior executives or Board members, company operations in breach of law or best practice on human rights and environmental standards, insider-threat and counter-intelligence operations, and intellectual property and counterfeiting investigations.

  • Litigation support & asset tracing

    Aperio Intelligence’s litigation support work assists our clients and / or their counsel to design and implement a winning strategy in contentious lawsuits, disputes, and arbitrations.


    We provide support to litigators and their clients as part of a pre-litigation or mediation strategy phase. Drawing on a wide range of sources, we conduct detailed research to identify relevant information, such as the activities and assets of potential litigation parties. Armed with this knowledge, our clients may take an informed view on the likely benefits or potential success of court proceedings or gain further insights necessary to decide an appropriate litigation strategy.

    Third-party litigation funding has become a more prominent feature of the litigation landscape in recent years, driven both by the increasing costs of proceedings to litigants, and the growing size of damages awarded, and settlements reached. Third-party funders can include hedge funds, banks, and other large investors. We have advised both lawyers, acting on behalf of their clients, as to the suitability of prospective funders; and prospective third-party.


    Aperio has extensive experience in assisting clients to identify and recover attachable assets on a global basis that may form part of a legal settlement or restitution. Our recent work has gone beyond identifying tangible assets such as property, to include overseas financial assets, account receivables, royalties payable on natural resources, and shipping and landing fees. We also assist our clients to device an effective enforcement strategy that identifies those jurisdictions in which enforcement efforts are most likely to succeed.


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