Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

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    ESG due diligence


    Over the last decade, investors, consumers and regulators have sought to drive a more considered approach to business based on greater resource efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, gender parity, and building a more sustainable global economy. Corporates and financial institutions are increasingly aware that a failure to tackle a number of risks in relation to their environmental, social performance and governance (ESG) responsibilities can impact them financially and reputationally, or even represent an existential threat to their business.

    Our ESG and wider integrity risk services assist our clients to identify their, or a potential partner’s, level of ESG exposure and to develop internal risk management processes that both support their business objectives and serve to reassure vital stakeholders.


    Our multi-lingual analysts undertake ESG due diligence on behalf of corporates and financial institutions, typically as part of a counter party transaction where the subject may be a potential customer, operational partner, upstream supplier or form part of the client’s overall value chain. As a key part of any investment decision or partnership formation, we ensure that our clients are informed of the wide spectrum and implications of ESG and reputational risks that their counter party may face.

    We provide corporates, investment banks, private equity houses, and insurance firms with bespoke due diligence in relation to a subject’s approach to regulatory risks and compliance – such as human rights or climate change – as well as a comprehensive range of ESG issues that may have a material or reputational impact for our client.

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    ESG advisory services


    Based on Aperio’s detailed ESG framework, we provide our clients with a detailed evaluation and diagnostic assessment of their ESG and risk management preparedness – across internal environmental, social performance processes and governance, and vertically to Board level.


    Taking Aperio’s ESG diagnostic assessment as the point of departure, we then assist our clients to identify the prominent ESG issues facing their business and support them through the development of a roadmap and an accompanying set of internal processes which enable them to:

    • Manage their ESG risks effectively over the short, medium and longer term
    • Enhance the credibility of their external ESG/non-financial reporting
    • Track improvements in performance across ESG issues over time

    Our client support covers a range of risk management tools and processes that can be deployed on a one-off basis or as part of a sustained support package to improve ESG performance over a pre-defined period.

    These include but are not limited to the following:

    • Partner or supply chain due diligence
    • Risk mapping
    • Political risk reports
    • Materiality assessments
    • Internal control and reporting
    • Scenario planning
    • Horizon scanning


    Aperio assists its clients to develop an effective ESG reporting and communications strategy, in line with the chosen or recommended industry frameworks and standards. Our support includes:

    • Familiarisation with the ESG landscape and the full range of applicable reporting frameworks and certifications
    • Guidance and support towards to meeting chosen external standards or certifications
    • Development of an effective ESG reporting and disclosure strategy to investors and other key stakeholders


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