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  • Pre-litigation strategy
  • Asset tracing & relationship mapping
  • Witness identification
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    Pre-litigation strategy

    We provide support to litigators and their clients as part of a pre-litigation or mediation strategy phase. Drawing on a wide range of sources, we conduct detailed research to identify relevant information, such as the activities and assets of potential litigation parties. Armed with this knowledge, our clients are able to take an informed view on the likely benefits or potential success of court proceedings or gain further insights necessary to decide an appropriate litigation strategy.

    Third-party litigation funding has become a more prominent feature of the litigation landscape in recent years, driven both by the increasing costs of proceedings to litigants, and the growing size of damages awarded and settlements reached. Third-party funders can include hedge funds, banks and other large investors. We have advised both lawyers, acting on behalf of their clients, as to the suitability of prospective funders; and prospective third-party funders in assessing the viability of investment in a potential suit and its possible outcomes.

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    Asset tracing & relationship mapping

    In conjunction with legal counsel, we undertake asset tracing in support of litigation proceedings worldwide. We conduct thorough, exhaustive research of public records information, supplemented where necessary through non-public enquiries, to identify the details and ownership of assets that may be attached as part of litigation or court proceedings. Our team is experienced in supporting clients on international asset tracing matters, involving recovery and restitution of different types of assets. We also investigate personal and professional networks to identify connected parties, as well as further avenues for enquiries.

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    Witness identification

    In contemplation of litigation, we assist clients in identifying expert and factual witnesses. Through a mixture of public record research and targeted enquiries, we conduct thorough field interviews to identify and develop relationships with experts with the requisite knowledge, skill and credibility to understand evidence and determine plausibility.


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